Holdinga Matthijssen Kraak adviseert D & B The Facility Group bij de acquisitie van DSO

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Holdinga Matthijssen Kraak adviseert D & B The Facility Group bij de acquisitie van DSO

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D&B The Facility Group




December 2013


HCF     team:


Adse de Kock
Tom Snijckers




Legal     advisor:


Holdinga     Matthijssen Kraak


Corrine Holdinga


HCF Small   Cap Advisory, a subsidiary of Holland Corporate Finance, is pleased to   announce that D&B The Facility Group, one of the fastest growing   organizations in the Netherlands and a top-10 contender for the FD Gazellen   award, has made its largest acquisition to date. Through the acquisition of   DSO Facilitaire Diensten, D&B will be able to integrate high-quality   cleaning services into its package of facility management services. 

DSO is a facility management company specialized in cleaning. DSO is active   in the Amsterdam area and is well-known for its high-quality services. The   company has an above-average gross margin of 6% and an extremely low   absenteeism rate, a key performance indicator in the cleaning sector.
D&B, headquartered in Amsterdam, offers a broad package of facility   management services including hospitality, security and mail room services.   Clients include well-known companies such as the global express operator TNT,   the largest Dutch cable company UPC and World Trade Center Amsterdam. The activities   for these clients include the cleaning of offices and facilities. D&B   offers cleaning activities, but they were outsourced until now.
“With the acquisition of DSO, we have obtained a firmer grasp on the quality   of our cleaning activities and are able to offer our clients an integrated   package of high-quality facility management services”, commented Bas Hertz, CEO and shareholder of D&B. 
Adse de Kock, Managing Partner of HCF Small Cap Advisory, added: “In order to increase efficiency and decrease costs, companies are increasingly turning   towards a single source provider to manage all aspects of their facilities.   Through this acquisition, D&B will be able to offer high-quality in-house   cleaning services for both its existing and new clients”.

HCF Small Cap Advisory acted as exclusive M&A advisor to D&B The Facility Group. The transaction team of HCF Small Cap Advisory consisted of Adse de Kock and Tom Snijckers.