In principle we bill by the hour, at a reasonable rate. In advance we make a projection of the time and effort required to get the job done efficiently and adequately. Additionally this gives a good indication of the final cost for you, the client. We also regularly work for a fixed fee. However, we never work on a fixed fee basis without examining and knowing our clients and their background


Consequently, you will not find us at low cost sites.


Annual legal check-up


Supplementing a personal relationship is our annual legal check-up: any time that suits you and free of charge. This service aims to examine your position as to new law implications. Depending on the outcome we will advise the appropriate steps to tackle any legal issue at hand. That way you are one step ahead of the game. Additionally, this pre-emptive method is most likely more efficient and more cost effective. As a result, you will be well equipped and well prepared.


We will screen the position of your business and look into your personal circumstances by focussing on the following critical issues:


- Articles and shareholders agreements

- Executive and non-executive board rules

- Corporate governance

- Family governance, living wills and last wills and prenuptial agreements

- Estate planning