Real Estate & Projects

The real estate sector is always evolving. The stakes are often high and the regulations subject to change. That is why high-quality legal assistance is essential in real estate transactions and project development. HMK has extensive experience in real estate transactions and project development and has up-to-date knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations. HMK advises national and international investors, financiers, project developers, construction companies and end users on all legal aspects of real estate.

Commercial real estate

HMK's (deputy) civil-law notaries are experienced in assisting in the purchase or sale processes for existing (leased) real estate and new construction. They have a mastery of all legal aspects of a transaction and add value, from the letter of intent through to the transfer. Relevant legislation and regulations are applied in a high-quality and practical manner. From the legal due diligence investigation - which, after adequate negotiations - is translated into a customised purchase agreement. The focus is always on the main issues.

Project development

HMK regularly advises project developers, investors and builders on project developments and the structuring of multifunctional complexes. Also on the construction of infrastructural works and the registration of cable networks (including thermal storage installations). Among other things, we draw up contracts and related deeds, including purchase and development agreements (also forward funding), contracting agreements (turn key), cooperation agreements, division into apartment rights and establish limited rights (such as leasehold).

HMK also assists project developers in setting up the acquisition structure. A combination of partnerships and entities with legal personality is often used. Adequate agreements that provide for expected and any unexpected developments are laid down in a constructive manner. In doing so, we apply our thorough knowledge of transfer and turnover tax.

More than a civil-law notary.

Meer dan een notaris. Dat geldt ook voor de specialisten van het Vastgoed & Projecten team. Zij kennen onze cliënten en werken op regelmatige basis met hen samen. Daardoor weten zij wat er speelt, kunnen zij snel tot de kern van het vraagstuk komen en zich bovendien bij de hoofdzaak houden. 

HMK has a trusted network of lawyers and tax specialists who provide equally efficient and adequate services.

  • Real estate transactions
  • Project development
  • Real estate funds
  • Financing & Security Rights
  • Area development
  • Leasehold 
  • Sale & Leaseback
  • Apartment rights and division
  • Legal due diligence
  • Turnkey agreements
  • Forward funding agreements

The specialists in the Real Estate & Projects team have specific knowledge and experience in the areas of:  

  • Network registrations
  • Country estates (NSW)
  • Ships & aircraft
  • Healthcare-related real estate