Non-profit & Charities


Pension funds

The specialists in the Non-profit & Charities team have extensive knowledge of the pension sector and experience providing legal advice to pension funds. They regularly advise clients in collaboration with other pension law advisers on pension fund governance, amendments of the articles of association for pension funds and other pension-related topics.


Holdinga Matthijssen Kraak wants to contribute to our society. On the one hand by assisting charities and good causes, and on the other by being socially involved ourselves.

HMK provides guidance to a great many charities, good causes and foundations. The issues facing these organisations are at least as challenging as those faced by commercial companies. All of the specialists of the Non-profit & Charities team are also part of the Business & Investment team. As a result, they are perfectly capable of advising family funds, (cultural) public benefit organisations and (professional) fundraisers. Where necessary, we work with trusted tax consultants from our network.

Holdinga Matthijssen Kraak’s social commitment

HMK is involved in a number of civil society organisations. We provide them legal advice so that these organisations can do what they are good at. Help society move forward and offer prospects to people who need this. Stichting DON, the Sven Kramer Academy, Stichting Movember and Stichting Weg met Kanker are among the organisations that we support.

Pro Bono Club

HMK is also a member of the Pro Bono Club, a platform that brings legal service providers and civil society organisations together.