Enthusiastic &

More than a 
civil-law notary.

The people behind Holdinga Matthijssen Kraak are not only enthusiastic about their profession and personally involved with clients. They are the trusted legal advisers. Long-term relationships with clients means they are able to achieve the client's goal efficiently and decisively.

High quality, sharp professional knowledge and creativity. Combined with the reality of the day and a view of the future. That is what you can expect from us. We enjoy working for people with entrepreneurial spirit. We have that mindset too.

Our expertise

At every stage in the life cycle of a business HMK is a trusted and experienced advisers. With adequate knowledge and forward-looking advice, they assist entrepreneurs, national and international companies and corporates.

The real estate sector is always evolving. The stakes are often high and the regulations subject to change. That is why high-quality legal assistance is essential in real estate transactions and project development.

Real estate transactions and property development, business growth and corporate investments and (inter)national acquisitions are often financed by loan capital. We advise both the lender and the borrower on the most suitable form of financing.

Family businesses have their own dynamics. That is why it is all the more important to document matters properly so that everyone is prepared for the future and for different scenarios. HMK regularly assists family businesses and companies with a director/major shareholder.

HMK provides guidance to a great many charities, good causes and foundations. HMK also has extensive knowledge of the pension sector and experience providing legal advice to pension funds.

“It is our challenge to deliver high-quality advise without losing sight of creativity"

Meet the team

Job vacancy for deputy civil-law notary in real estate

Are you an experienced and enterprising civil-law notary specialising in real estate and ready for a new environment and challenge? Drop by for coffee with us in Amsterdam-zuid. Meet the team and hear what your work could be like in the future.